Artistic approach

"The real materialist, the more he comes down in the matter, the more he exalts the spirituality."
Georges Braque
French painter, sculptor and engraver

It is an horizontal and reuniting approach,

– in the realization: a pictorial research arisen from the meeting of an East and of an West th real-life experiences, associated with a personal symbolism, and a plastic art research involving « art brut » and decorative art;

– In the inspiration: in a Jungian spirit, the crossing of myths, legends and science, unconscious and human aspirations, notions of space/time and synchronicity.

My personal conviction is superbly formulated by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, in The Magicians’ morning:

Photographie © Jérôme Chatin for L'Express Magazine in 2000
"We define generally fantastic events as a violation of the natural laws, as the appearance of the impossible. For us, it is not this at all. The fantasy is a demonstration of the natural laws, an effect of the contact with the reality when this one is directly collected and not filtered by the veil of the intellectual sleep, by the habits, the prejudices, the conformity."