Album 8 : Samurais

Techniques :  A stay in Japan inspired me with these stylized Samurai. These are works inspired by my previous collection, related to the upcycling / overcycling part of my work: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” (Lavoisier).

The materials (metal, various papers for collage …) and media (Indian ink, pencils, wax, paint, coffee grounds …) are varied. The faces are generally in relief.

The supports are cardboard or paper bags. These are small formats but at least 23 x 16 cm, which hang directly without the need for framing.

Themes :  In harmony with the “crossbreeding” of my life, these works aim to reconcile raw and symbolic art, exploration of materials and spiritualities, without excluding an aesthetic and playful research (with for example the play of the 3 faces in 1 which constitute the habit of the samurai).
These samurai are therefore linked in this case to Zen and other “mystics”.

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